Cover Image for People seem to hate GA4. Let me tell you why I love it and you should too.

People seem to hate GA4. Let me tell you why I love it and you should too.

Cody Tucker
Cody Tucker

GA4 is an event-driven analytics solution. It combines Goals from UA and Events to create better and more usable data.

With Universal Analytics tracking meaningful events on your site, you needed goals. The easiest way to create Goals was by using Google Tag Manager to catch events in the data layer and create reusable tags that fired when an event happened. Then, inform the 3rd party tools you used to watch for the goal tags.

Without Goals, you relied on 3rd party javascript libraries to catch and attribute conversion events to the advertising and analytic tools. Web visitor has an ad-blocker or Javascript turned off? Sorry, no data from them. Bots and crawlers with Javascript enabled. Yup, they're getting counted too.

GA4 forces you to plan the events into your site's code. So you might as well install GTM server-side. Proper planning will cut out 99% of bots. Server-side code runs even if an ad-blocker is enabled. Or you can choose to keep using GTM and the data layer. Instead of Goals, it's now GA4 events.

The power that overlaps the pain of this change will be apparent when going into new marketing channels. All of your conversion events are prebuilt and ready to go, plug and play, directly into ad managers, CRMs, etc.

Once WordPress plugins that rely on server-side PHP come out and the masses see the better data in GA4, the fears will be over. In the meantime, I hope this helps quiet the fear of UA sunsetting.

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