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Our Marketing Process

Cody Tucker
Cody Tucker

In early 2020, I set out to create the perfect local marketing plan. Using everything we know, from every phone call, ad, and lead campaign.

Call Tracking & Reporting

We found that roughly 80% of local businesses do 90% or more business through phone calls.

So it makes sense to start with what will get the most results. Local calls from people that want your services or products.

Real-time call reporting dashboard

Unlimited user access to unedited live data available 24/7.

WHY: With call tracking, it takes you out of the dark with your data. Never miss out on great marketing channels again.
HOW: This is done by changing the number people call to a tracked number that we provide.
WHAT: You get a dashboard and weekly reports of where callers found your number and what made them call.

Local SEO & Reputation Management

A huge majority of local calls come from Google Organic. This is because Google My Business (GMB) your free business listing from Google is very powerful.

This is a free service provided by Google, whenever you search with local intent google shows you this map section on top.

If you show up in the top 3 and have good sales signals, reviews, photos, and posts. People pick up the phone or ask for directions.

Local SEO & GMB Management

We take a very data-driven approach to local SEO. At any given time our reports will show exactly why a competitor is outranking you. We then make the needed changes to put you back on top.

GMB Map Explanation

This map shows a local grid around the business located in the center. The numbered bubbles show what position the business ranks for a keyword that gets them calls.

We are able to optimize the GMB listing to rank higher by adjusting your services, adding photos, and getting reviews.

Nothing makes us happier than watching these screens turn from Red to Green.

WHY: Organic is free advertising. It is also google’s flagship business offering. Done right this is your major sales generator for local business.
HOW: By creating citations, optimizing your GMB (Google My Business listing) and building links. We show google your breadth of online presence, thus ranking you higher.
WHAT: We carry out a local SEO plan for your business. Including GMB management, citation curation and link building.

Paid Ads - Google PPC

Spend $5 to make $20, every business owner's dream. But if you have tried managing Google Pay Per Click you may know it is not that simple.

Google PPC Results

The report above was 2 weeks after we took over. The company had great metrics to start with but was having trouble reading the data.

We were able to cut wasted impressions by over half leading to a 269% increase in sales

WHY: PPC and Display Advertising through Google Ads are the best tools to quickly increase sales and learn more about your market.
HOW: We log into your google ads account. Create campaigns and optimize your PPC accounts daily.
WHAT: Management of your Google Ads account. You own all the data and pay Google directly for ad spend. We do the work and charge you a management fee.

Search Engine Optimization

By testing keywords on Google ads we are able to know which keywords bring in the most sales and what it takes to rank consistently. So why not write content and optimize your site?

Search Engine Optimization - Based On PPC

Most SEO firms start with an organic first approach. We start with paid advertising because you can try a keyword and different messages to find out what sells.

This client gets over $20k in click value per month!!

WHY: Organic is free advertising! If you stay only with paid advertising you are limited to how much you can pay. Organic is infinitely scalable.
HOW: Using the research that we get from Google PPC, we write articles and content on your site to rank for keywords that people search for when looking for your services.
WHAT: Content creation, reaseach and optimization of your website to get more traffic. You get reports weekly tracking our progress.

Website Design or Website Redesign

If you have gotten past #2 without a website... We need to talk.

Sales First Approach to Web Design

We create lead gen sites that make sales, in other words, we make digital unicorns.

WHY: A good website acts as the content hub and where everything flows to and from. From SEO to the perfect landing page your website is your best sales person. They never call in sick and always put the customer first.
HOW: Depending on the project, we are well versed in Wordpress, Drupal, Webflow & all things custom!
WHAT: You get a fresh mobile friendly site that is modern and is built with a sales first approach.

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